July 2014
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This Newsletter is an informal publication by the Board of the District 8 Coalition of Neighborhoods
for the residents in City Council District 8. It is not an official publication of the City of Albuquerque.

If possible, please share the information in this newsletter with the residents
in your neighborhood association.


Thanks to Aziza Chavez, Councilor Jones’ Policy Analyst, many of us
have been receiving a handy monthly calendar of events from the Albuquerque
Cultural Services Office. For those who may not be on the mailing list, you
can view it by clicking on the button above.


July 25, 2014

District 8 is served by both the Foothills Area Command and the NorthEast Area Command

The new Foothills Area Commander is John Thies
The new Northeast Area Commander is Randy Remiker


Crime trends - A summary from the past week

Auto Burglaries:

Items stolen in 6 auto burglaries during the past week: Firearms, vehicle insurance papers and vehicle registrations, backpacks, stereo speakers, iPod, iPod adapter, driver’s license, social securtiy card, wallet, purses, and sunglasses. When paperwork and personal information is stolen from a vehicle, it will most likely be used to commit another crime -- identity theft or fraud. Keep vehicles locked, remove all valuables, and remove garage-door openers if vehicles are not parked inside garages.

Residential Burglaries and scams:

Thefts from vacant homes (owners on vacation) included multiple firearms, 3 TVs, clothing, jewelry, laptops and tablets, purses and wallets, and even xboxes and playstations.. Call 242-COPS (2677) from a safe place if you see strangers attempting to hop fences or walls.  
Be safe in your home:

If someone is at your door, you should never open the door if you are not expecting them or if you don't recognize the person.  However you should do something to let that person know someone is home.  You can yell “I'm busy” or just make a loud noise by slamming a nearby door inside.  Posting a "no solicitors" sign will deter most door-to-door solicitors.
Almost all of our residential burglary offenders are gaining entry to homes via breaking a window or sliding glass door in the rear of the residence.  Please be alert to anyone in your neighborhood knocking on front doors or ringing front doorbells and then making their way around the sides of homes to the back.  Lock up and if you have home alarms, please activate them.

Doggie doors being used as points of entry for residential burglaries again.  Secure your doggie doors!


We make it easy to file police reports:
Go to any APD substation
Go online to HYPERLINK "http://www.cabq.gov" www.cabq.gov to the APD section
Call APD’s Telephone Reporting Unit at 768-2030
Call 242-COPS (2677) from the location and request an officer


2014 Meeting Dates

Meetings will be held at the Holiday Park Community Center
11710 Comanche Rd NE, east of Juan Tabo

January 23
March 27
May 22
July 24
September 25
November 20 - Annual Meeting

Please forward any questions about this website to ABQdistrict8@aol.com

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